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How Long Does it Take to Get Six Pack Abs? - The Revelation

To those who just started exercising in order to obtain a six pack abs must have always asked this question to their personal trainer: "How long does it take to get a six pack?" Sad to say but no one can answer that accurately as no two person have the same genetic makeup - yes, even twins. So what works for your sister might not work out for you.

To have a general "idea" or "time" of how long you can attain a six pack depends on several factors. Identifying each and its connection to your body plus working them to suit your needs is all you can do to succeed.

1) First and foremost factor is your genetic makeup. It is generally known that men gain and then lose fats much more easier than women. This is because women are genetically made to have more fats in their body; worse it that a lot of them are concentrated around their waist area. There are exceptions to this rule but most women are made this way.

Know what group you belong to and then work it out. There are three classifications of people according to their body size. These are:

  • Endomorph - are big boned and have wide hips and bigger body naturally. These group of individuals usually have a hard time losing layer of body fats but they can gain muscles quite fast.
  • Ectomorph - are naturally skinny and small boned. People of this type have high metabolism in their arsenal but have difficulty in gaining muscles.
  • Mesomorph - have more muscles than fats in their body. Among the three, they can get six packs the fastest.

2) Your diet intake is also a factor in determining the amount of time you'll be able to get a six pack. Working out to the point of exhaustion but consuming junk foods on the side will not lead you any closer to having a six pack. Unless you're an athlete who do insane amount of cardio everyday, all those who have a six pack maintain a healthy diet.

3) The amount and execution of exercises you did everyday also plays a factor. Combine any cardio workouts you've been doing and coupled it with proper abdominal exercises.

So the above mentioned factors determined how long you will be able to attain a six pack abs. Now that you know, work on it and persevere. Discipline and hard work will pay off in due time!

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Muscle Building Diet - How To Create The Best?

Creating the ideal muscle building diet is arguably the most crucial element in gaining muscle mass. Diet is very important for muscle building as it provides the muscles with the nutrients they need to repair and grow. Further to this, diet is simply the key to a healthy lifestyle in general.

An effective muscle building diet will include a considerable amount of protein. Protein is crucial for building muscle, losing fat, and maintaining overall health of the tissues and organs. As a general guideline, you should be consuming 1 gram of protein for every pound of your body weight. If you are serious about building muscle mass, this should be increased to 1.5 grams. The most protein rich foods include meat, fish and eggs.

Carbohydrates are also a crucial element of the ideal muscle building diet. Carbohydrates supply the body with energy and stamina, allowing you to workout to your potential. Complex carbohydrates such as pasta, potatoes, whole grain breads and rices are excellent ingredients for your diet. This may sound boring at the onset; however there is a plethora of exciting recipes involving such basic food groups.

Fats are another important element in the ideal muscle building diet. Fats provide a secondary energy source to carbohydrates and are crucial for the healthy maintenance of the human body.

As recent awareness campaigns have promoted, there are both 'good' and 'bad' fats commonly used in foods. Examples of 'good fats' or unsaturated fats are olive and flaxseed oil. Examples of 'bad fats' of saturated fats are animal lard and butter. An easy way to remember which is which is that unsaturated fats are liquid at room temperature, whilst saturated fast are solid at room temperature.

Fiber is another useful addition in the ideal muscle building diet. Fiber assists your body in ridding itself of impurities- essentially 'detoxing'. Naturally occurring examples of fiber include whole grains, nuts and seeds. There are also fiber supplements such as Metamucil which will provide and adequate source of fiber on a daily basis.

The final ingredients in the ideal muscle building diet are fruit and vegetables. Vegetables should be consumed in large amounts, whilst fruits should be consumed in moderate amounts. Fruits can significantly increase sugar levels and provide the boy with excess water- these aspects need to be regulated in the diet. Vegetables on the other hand provide the body with essential nutrients and minerals crucial encouraging significant muscle growth.


The most ideal muscle building diet is both balanced and nutritious. This diet can be altered to accommodate the goals you wish to achieve in your workouts. As a general guide it is advisable to avoid large meals and eat five or six small meals a day. Further to this it will be more effective to eat the majority of your protein and carbohydrates in the morning. Diet is the key to unlocking your muscle building success, and creating serious muscle mass faster.

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5 Tips for Building Muscle Now

If you're frustrated with your muscle gain or fat loss goals,
I sympathize with you completely, and understand exactly what
you are going through. I worked out for years before finally
figuring out the correct ways to build muscle and lose fat.

I finally figured ou that the routines and body building tips
touted by professional bodybuilders and the muscle magazines
just aren't going to work for most people. But take heart,
you can reach your muscle mass and fat burning goals.

Putting together a program that incorporates the following
body building tips will point you in the right direction and
get you making gains you hadn't thought were possible.

Tried and True Body Building Tips

Train Intensely - You must work each set until you can't do
another repetition in good form. There is no point in
stopping at a set number of reps (such as 8), if you are
capable of doing 12. Your body needs to be challenged or it
will not adapt by building new muscle or burning off body fat.

Cycle Your Intensity - In order to prevent burnout and overtraining
from training intensely, it's important to take a week off from
training every 8 - 12 weeks. If, like me, you can't stay out
of the gym that long, you should train for a week at a very low
intensity level.

Train Briefly - Your workouts need to be short. This is
a very important weight lifting tip. You should never need
to do a weight lifting routine that takes over an hour. If
you are in the gym that long, you aren't working intensely
enough. You can workout hard or long, but you can not do
both. And to succeed in building muscle, you need to workout hard.

Train Infrequently - Your body needs time to recover
from your weight training routine, so that in can adapt and
grow. If you train with weights before your body is completey
recovered, you won't add new muscle and will eventually over
train, a big no no.

These are extremely important body building tips. It seems
that your body's potential for strength increases far outweighs
your body's ability to recover. What this means is that as you
grow stronger, your body needs more time between weight training
sessions in order to recover.

Bench pressing 300 pounds is a far greater stress on your body
than bench pressing 50 pounds, even if both were maximum attempts
at the time.

Train Progressively - You need to constantly challenge
what your body can do by continuing to add more weight and/or
repetitions to your previous best effort as often as possible.

Following is a sample weight training routine that incorporates
the above weight lifting tips. If you put the other pieces in
place, such as your nutrition plan and supplementation plan,
you'll be well on your way to great gains and transforming your

1 - Squats

2 - Deadlifts

3 - Chin Ups

4 - Dips

5 - Bench Press

6 - Military Press

Here's another weight lifting tip - break in to this routine.
For the first few weeks, try working out 3 times per week on
nonconsecutive days, performing 2 working sets of each exercise,
doing 12 - 15 reps per set.

Don't train to failure.

After about a month, you can lower the reps on everthing but
Squats and Deadlifts, to the 8 - 10 rep range. Start training
to failure on some sets.

After another month, begin training to failure on all working
sets and consider only weight training two times per week to
accomodate the higher level of intensity and strengh that you've

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Muscle Gaining Secrets

When I first started training, I didn’t know any better so I went to the gym and did all the machine exercises and isolation movements that I saw everyone else doing. I figured these would all lead to fast muscle gain and I would be huge in no time.

My dad knew a steroid-using Italian guy named Tony who owned a gym and competed in several bodybuilding shows. He asked Tony if he could write me a program and Tony obliged. I was bursting with excitement and thought this would be the difference maker in my training. I met with Tony at his office one day, and in a scene that could have been straight out of an episode of The Sopranos, he interrogated me about my muscle building program. I gave him a piece of paper with my workout on it and he took a long, hard look at it.

“Here’s whatcha gonna do. And I don’t wan any a’guments. You do dis and you’ll grow. Ya undastand me?”

“Yeah, definitely. No problem.”

He pulled out a legal pad and scrawled out my new training program. It was loaded with all of the exercises that all the top name bodybuilders in the magazines were always shown doing. Stiff arm pullovers, concentration curls, leg extensions, cable flyes, you name it—they were included.

I took my new program, thanked Tony, and left. The next few weeks would surely be an amazing time for me, I thought. The growth that I was about to experience would be dramatic, I just knew it.

But nothing happened.

You know why? Because those exercises suck, that’s why. Sure, the volume was too high for my limited recovery ability at the time, but if he had me doing the right exercises, I might have experienced some kind of gains.

Choosing the right exercises could ultimately be the difference between lightening fast muscle gain and absolutely no muscle gain whatsoever. No matter how well thought out your workout plan is, if you use the wrong exercises, it will be completely useless. Even a bad training program will yield some results if you are using the right exercises. For these reasons, exercise selection is one of the most important components of any muscle building system.

So how do you choose the best exercises?

The best mass building exercises are always multi joint, free weight, compound exercises that use as much muscle mass as possible and allow you to use heavy weights. This includes movements like squats, deadlifts, chin ups, dips, overhead presses and rows. If you are desperately seeking fast muscle gain, the last thing you should ever waste your time doing is using machine or isolation exercises during your workouts. These exercises are great at producing that burning feeling that so many people love and can often lead to a great pump, but they do very little to pack on massive size or build real world, functional strength.

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Build Muscle With These 5 Simple Foods

Let me guess, you are trying to build muscle and maybe lose some weight while you're at it? Human nature tells us that people will go out of their way to find the easy answer or quick solution. My question to you...

Why buy those expensive supplements or crazy meal plans when you probably already have the food you need in your refrigerator?

This may surprise you but some of the simplest foods can offer everything you need to build muscle and get ripped abs. Here is a list of five foods you probably have in your kitchen.


Surprise, the best thing you can drink or eat when trying to build muscle is water. Most people know that our bodies are made up of mostly water but did you know that if you are dehydrated you will most likely not want to work out. Since water helps transport oxygen and other nutrients to your cells it is vital to maintain hydration. There have been times when I drive to the gym and then turn around just because my body doesn't feel like working out. I usually attribute this to dehydration. You need energy to workout and water increases your energy level.


To be more exact I mean egg whites. Medical experts show that eating an egg a day is a safe and healthy way to add protein to a diet. I use Egg Beaters because they have no fat, no cholesterol, and a good source of protein.

Peanut Butter

This could be the best food ever made, that is my opinion but it has merit. Peanut butter offers protein, vitamin E, and monounsaturated fats. Nuts have many benefits but most notable to building muscle is the source of protein they offer. If you look at almost any health related website they will give you a recipe for a protein smoothie that includes peanut butter.


Most people I know love cheese. Cheese offers calcium for bone health and vitamin B for energy plus it helps calcium distribute through the body. You need strong bones to lift weights and gain muscle. One of the best snacks I have found is string cheese, it is quick and easy to store in any refrigerator.


I must be crazy to include broccoli as a food that can help get you ripped muscles right. The fact is broccoli is has been called the miracle food by many nutritional experts. Broccoli also has the most nutritional ingredients than any other vegetable. For those who don't eat dairy products broccoli has a great source of calcium. Remember calcium helps build strong bones which help support you lifting those heavy weights.

These five foods are not the most published muscle building foods but they are probably the most common and a lot cheaper than that wonder pill.

One of the most important things to remember when trying to gain muscle is keep your muscles guessing, I try to keep my readers guessing which makes them enjoy the article. For more simple answers to get fit click here.

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How To Build Muscle (Muscle Building Tip)

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