Thursday, 10 December 2009

Build Muscle With These 5 Simple Foods

Let me guess, you are trying to build muscle and maybe lose some weight while you're at it? Human nature tells us that people will go out of their way to find the easy answer or quick solution. My question to you...

Why buy those expensive supplements or crazy meal plans when you probably already have the food you need in your refrigerator?

This may surprise you but some of the simplest foods can offer everything you need to build muscle and get ripped abs. Here is a list of five foods you probably have in your kitchen.


Surprise, the best thing you can drink or eat when trying to build muscle is water. Most people know that our bodies are made up of mostly water but did you know that if you are dehydrated you will most likely not want to work out. Since water helps transport oxygen and other nutrients to your cells it is vital to maintain hydration. There have been times when I drive to the gym and then turn around just because my body doesn't feel like working out. I usually attribute this to dehydration. You need energy to workout and water increases your energy level.


To be more exact I mean egg whites. Medical experts show that eating an egg a day is a safe and healthy way to add protein to a diet. I use Egg Beaters because they have no fat, no cholesterol, and a good source of protein.

Peanut Butter

This could be the best food ever made, that is my opinion but it has merit. Peanut butter offers protein, vitamin E, and monounsaturated fats. Nuts have many benefits but most notable to building muscle is the source of protein they offer. If you look at almost any health related website they will give you a recipe for a protein smoothie that includes peanut butter.


Most people I know love cheese. Cheese offers calcium for bone health and vitamin B for energy plus it helps calcium distribute through the body. You need strong bones to lift weights and gain muscle. One of the best snacks I have found is string cheese, it is quick and easy to store in any refrigerator.


I must be crazy to include broccoli as a food that can help get you ripped muscles right. The fact is broccoli is has been called the miracle food by many nutritional experts. Broccoli also has the most nutritional ingredients than any other vegetable. For those who don't eat dairy products broccoli has a great source of calcium. Remember calcium helps build strong bones which help support you lifting those heavy weights.

These five foods are not the most published muscle building foods but they are probably the most common and a lot cheaper than that wonder pill.

One of the most important things to remember when trying to gain muscle is keep your muscles guessing, I try to keep my readers guessing which makes them enjoy the article. For more simple answers to get fit click here.

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